Postmodernism and Anomic Depression

6 Apr

HOW TO BECOME A CHRISTIAN (The book on this link

By Daniel Keeran,
MSWCollege of Mental Health
Societies in the current postmodern world are challenged by the loss of a transcendent source of values, morality, meaning, and hope.
With the secular view that only material things are real, combined with the undermining of theism andspirituality, individuals in postmodern societies are facing the loss of meaning resulting in anomie anddespair.Since the introduction of Darwinian evolution, followed by predictions of social collapse by Friedrich Nietzsche and Friedrich Lange in the late 19th century, the public school and university systems have promoted scientism and naturalism without offering a balance of the search for meaning.This imbalance has contributed to the secularization of society and increasing incidents of anomicdepression especially among youths and young adults. Associated with anomic depression are drugabuse, rioting, bullying, promiscuity, depression, self-harm, and suicide that, although associated withthe adolescent stage of development, are exacerbated by the loss of meaning, spirituality, andcommunity that has been replaced by an internet connection.Wolfgang Jilek, emeritus professor of psychiatry at the University of British Columbia, has identifiedanomic depression among indigenous minorities 
In human development, anomie occurs normally with individuation from parents when the individualloses his sense of identity often during early adulthood and becomes directionless and depressed beforereconstructing a new identity and sense of meaning or purpose.At this period of development, and for anyone who suffers anomic depression or who lacks spiritualdirection, the introduction of a faith community provides the sense of hope and meaning needed for identity reconstruction and for making healthy choices in life and relationships.The recent confusion about what constitutes marriage and healthy sexuality, and the legalization of same-sex marriage in several states in the US, is an example of what happens in a growing secular society lacking spiritual direction. Confusion resulting from this issue alone, contributes further to thesense of anomie in the most vulnerable population: adolescents and young adults. With the addition of increasing family breakdown in society, the sense of confusion and anomie for this vulnerable group ismultiplied.To introduce the beginnings of a secure spiritual foundation as a balance to the increasing secular lossof meaning, the College of Mental Health Counseling offers this free download book 
Daniel Keeran, MSW, is the author of several books, President of the College of Mental HealthCounseling, and provides free Christian counselling in Victoria, Canada

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